The Internet has changed how we obtain information, and this is further reinforced when smartphones have been created and used by millions of people around the globe. Now, anyone can Google anything and everything they need on the Internet with some taps of their fingers.

Mobile phones, in general, were used to communicating and reach individuals before by means of texting and calling. Now, with the incorporation of the Internet and smart technology, cellphones can now be used for different purposes: games, reminders, videos, photography, work out — the ends are endless. With the multifunctional use of smartphones, everyone is losing on the track of educating themselves and starting to ignoring the limitless information their mobile phones, now called smartphones, are able to provide. You do not even have to buy new smartphones now, there are available used cell phones Canada that provide you a cheaper alternative to new phones.

Here we share to you the top 3 things you should do to make use of your smartphones for information and education.

1. Read academic books

There is a great number of readers online that make use of platforms that provide free access to novels and books. However, sometimes, academic books are neglected in the list.

Certainly, printed books are still more preferred when it comes to reading academic-related content. However, with the help of technology, reading becomes more convenient and wide-ranged. It is impractical to carry more than three books when you travel from one place to another. However, with the help of smartphones and platforms like Kindle and eBook applications, one is able to carry loads of books electronically.

A lot of people say that printed books are better than e-books, but it is actually more convenient if traditional printed books and e-books reading are combined for maximum results.

Also, there are more people who prefer to listen to audiobooks than reading the real thing. According to a study, printed books are still widely used by many people. However, there is an increasing number of online readers and e-books users.

2. Use it to record academic stuff

There are many ways on how to do this, you can record, in an audio file, your professor’s lectures, or take some videos using your smartphone. By doing this, you can replay the discussion anytime, anywhere.

There are also apps which you can use for saving files and these include Dropbox, Drive, and Evernote. They give you additional space for your files on the Internet.

3.Download educational apps

While most people prefer downloading games and apps for recreational use, it is helpful for you to learn many things when you start downloading educational apps like TedX, Coursera, Masterclass, and other apps that provide information or let you enroll on different courses online.

You can just spend a couple of minutes to finish a lesson or a talk and find yourself learning every day. What is good about these apps is they are free to use and they let you access free videos and courses. You can also make your experience more interactive by taking some tests and quizzes at the end of lessons.

Always be Learning

With different platforms that provide you a limitless amount of knowledge, do not waste your resources focusing on information that is not useful. Instead, use your iPhones to learn more things every day.