Roofing materials can be very varied. You can try asphalt, tiles, glass, and even solar-powered roofing. Everything can look so good with the right contractor, installation procedures, and regular maintenance. However, have you tried the latest concrete roofing? The use of flat concrete roofing is becoming more and more popular as it gives several advantages. The concrete contractors Vancouver is able to provide you the concreting services that are of excellent quality at an affordable price.

Going back to the pros concrete roof provides, this article will elaborate on the argument as well as provide you the overall information about concrete roofing by sharing not just the pros but also the cons of this material. Read through the whole article and you will find out.

One of the greatest advantages of having concrete roofing is that it is superbly strong and durable. Not similar to clay, metal, and asphalt roofs that may tear and wear after years, concrete roofing is able to withstand different elements like changing weather conditions, temperature, intense wind, and even storms. In addition, unlike the asphalt, concrete roofing is not susceptible to wind uplift. Because of its durability, the contractor can promise you up to 50 years of roofing life expectancy.

When it comes to maintenance, concrete roofing does not need special care. Have you heard about being extra careful when using a pressure washer on your asphalt roofing? When you install concrete on your roof, you are able to use pressure on your roof without getting scared of ruining your roofing materials. Also, because it is oftentimes flat, cleaning and maintenance can be just easy to do without compromising safety.

Above all, when you choose a flat concrete roofing, you are able to integrate green roofing whenever you want to. The flat concrete surface of the roof provides an avenue for a space to have a garden or a terrace. And depending on the house’s foundation, you can make your concreted roof as your second story flooring.

However, as with any type of roofing, this roofing material also has its own disadvantages. First, the material can be too heavy, and therefore strong foundation needs to be built whenever you choose concrete roofing on your house. Although every house’s foundation is built to carry and hold roofing’s weight, the foundation can be weakened by age and damage. It is important that you protect your foundation from water leakage and molds to ensure that your house is strong enough to withstand the weight.

In addition, when you choose concrete tiled roof, the appearance may fade overtime as it gets consistent exposure to sunlight, and replacing a concrete tile can be difficult to do.

The Verdict

When choosing if whether or not, to install a concrete roof, there is a need to weigh down the pros and cons that this material provides. Are you more concerned on the life expectancy and the durability of the material, or you are more concerned with the appearance of the roofing? Also, you need to take note when you choose to install a concrete flat roof, you can potentially make it a good green roof.