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Pros and Cons of Concrete Roofing

Roofing materials can be very varied. You can try asphalt, tiles, glass, and even solar-powered roofing. Everything can look so good with the right contractor, installation procedures, and regular maintenance. However, have you tried the latest concrete roofing? The use of flat concrete roofing is becoming more and more popular as it gives several advantages. The concrete contractors Vancouver is able to provide you the concreting services that are of excellent quality at an affordable price.

Going back to the pros concrete roof provides, this article will elaborate on the argument as well as provide you the overall information about concrete roofing by sharing not just the pros but also the cons of this material. Read through the whole article and you will find out.

One of the greatest advantages of having concrete roofing is that it is superbly strong and durable. Not similar to clay, metal, and asphalt roofs that may tear and wear after years, concrete roofing is able to withstand different elements like changing weather conditions, temperature, intense wind, and even storms. In addition, unlike the asphalt, concrete roofing is not susceptible to wind uplift. Because of its durability, the contractor can promise you up to 50 years of roofing life expectancy.

When it comes to maintenance, concrete roofing does not need special care. Have you heard about being extra careful when using a pressure washer on your asphalt roofing? When you install concrete on your roof, you are able to use pressure on your roof without getting scared of ruining your roofing materials. Also, because it is oftentimes flat, cleaning and maintenance can be just easy to do without compromising safety.

Above all, when you choose a flat concrete roofing, you are able to integrate green roofing whenever you want to. The flat concrete surface of the roof provides an avenue for a space to have a garden or a terrace. And depending on the house’s foundation, you can make your concreted roof as your second story flooring.

However, as with any type of roofing, this roofing material also has its own disadvantages. First, the material can be too heavy, and therefore strong foundation needs to be built whenever you choose concrete roofing on your house. Although every house’s foundation is built to carry and hold roofing’s weight, the foundation can be weakened by age and damage. It is important that you protect your foundation from water leakage and molds to ensure that your house is strong enough to withstand the weight.

In addition, when you choose concrete tiled roof, the appearance may fade overtime as it gets consistent exposure to sunlight, and replacing a concrete tile can be difficult to do.

The Verdict

When choosing if whether or not, to install a concrete roof, there is a need to weigh down the pros and cons that this material provides. Are you more concerned on the life expectancy and the durability of the material, or you are more concerned with the appearance of the roofing? Also, you need to take note when you choose to install a concrete flat roof, you can potentially make it a good green roof.

What is a Business Valuation and When Do You Need One?

If you are a business owner, you know very well that it is not luck that drives success, but a combination of skills, hard work, passion, and dedication, and thus your business is one of the most valuable assets that you could probably own.

When you want to know how much the business value is worth, you know that it is not as simple as looking up for a stock price or trying to estimate its price. You will need professional help from the business valuation Vancouver specialist who knows how to do these estimations as precise and informed as possible.

But what is business valuation by the way? It is a formal process done in order to estimate the value of a certain business. When you try to understand the whole process that involves it, as well as the skills required, you will begin to understand and see it as a science. It relies on the professional judgment that weighs all aspects in business: local and national economic conditions, the nature of the business, financial performance, and the liabilities as well as the technology that could have an impact to how the judgment is made.

The following are the reasons why you need a business valuation from a specialist:

  • Estate tax purposes
  • Raising investment capital
  • Merger or sale to another entity
  • Gifting shares of a business to children
  • New shareholder or partner
  • Establishment or update of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • Going through a divorce that affects business’ ownership

While there is no credential needed to perform this work, it is recommended that you hire a specialist with years of formal education and training as well as profound experience when it comes to business valuation. By finding the following certifications, you are mostly guaranteed the performance of the specialist: Credentials (and the certifying organizations) include ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser – ASA). ABV (Accredited in Business Valuation – AICPA), and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst – NACVA).

Furthermore, the specialist is able to create a judgment relying on these three different valuation approaches:

  • Income-based approach – this approach focuses on the income that a business generates. Generally, the average of the recent data is adjusted to the hypothetical cash flows that a new owner is able to receive. This cash flow is then discounted to the present value. In other instances, projecting the income of the future can also be used with the given data and factors
  • The asset-based approach – used to determine the fair market value of the asset and commonly results in the lowest value of a business. This method looks at the collection of assets that affect how the business will run in the future. This method is mainly used to set a floor for the value of a business.
  • Market approach – this method uses the recent sales of comparable businesses as reported in databases and reflect some differences between the business being valued and the businesses sold in the market. This method is effective when there is a good number of businesses that can be used to compare values with.

Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Learn

The Internet has changed how we obtain information, and this is further reinforced when smartphones have been created and used by millions of people around the globe. Now, anyone can Google anything and everything they need on the Internet with some taps of their fingers.

Mobile phones, in general, were used to communicating and reach individuals before by means of texting and calling. Now, with the incorporation of the Internet and smart technology, cellphones can now be used for different purposes: games, reminders, videos, photography, work out — the ends are endless. With the multifunctional use of smartphones, everyone is losing on the track of educating themselves and starting to ignoring the limitless information their mobile phones, now called smartphones, are able to provide. You do not even have to buy new smartphones now, there are available used cell phones Canada that provide you a cheaper alternative to new phones.

Here we share to you the top 3 things you should do to make use of your smartphones for information and education.

1. Read academic books

There is a great number of readers online that make use of platforms that provide free access to novels and books. However, sometimes, academic books are neglected in the list.

Certainly, printed books are still more preferred when it comes to reading academic-related content. However, with the help of technology, reading becomes more convenient and wide-ranged. It is impractical to carry more than three books when you travel from one place to another. However, with the help of smartphones and platforms like Kindle and eBook applications, one is able to carry loads of books electronically.

A lot of people say that printed books are better than e-books, but it is actually more convenient if traditional printed books and e-books reading are combined for maximum results.

Also, there are more people who prefer to listen to audiobooks than reading the real thing. According to a study, printed books are still widely used by many people. However, there is an increasing number of online readers and e-books users.

2. Use it to record academic stuff

There are many ways on how to do this, you can record, in an audio file, your professor’s lectures, or take some videos using your smartphone. By doing this, you can replay the discussion anytime, anywhere.

There are also apps which you can use for saving files and these include Dropbox, Drive, and Evernote. They give you additional space for your files on the Internet.

3.Download educational apps

While most people prefer downloading games and apps for recreational use, it is helpful for you to learn many things when you start downloading educational apps like TedX, Coursera, Masterclass, and other apps that provide information or let you enroll on different courses online.

You can just spend a couple of minutes to finish a lesson or a talk and find yourself learning every day. What is good about these apps is they are free to use and they let you access free videos and courses. You can also make your experience more interactive by taking some tests and quizzes at the end of lessons.

Always be Learning

With different platforms that provide you a limitless amount of knowledge, do not waste your resources focusing on information that is not useful. Instead, use your iPhones to learn more things every day.

How to Find Used Phones to Purchase

The market as of today has so many new types and kinds of cellular phones for the people to consume. There are so many famous cell phone brands out there in the market and you might own a phone from one of these bigger companies. As you know, these companies do not stop creating new products for their consumers and people are swept on their feet every single time there favorite cell phone company releases another product in the market. For sure, you are agreeing to this statement because you are one of those people who are always on the look-out for new company releasing.

But, there is one thing that you should know; buying brand new cell phones every now and then is not a very practical move for anyone because as what we have told you, every now and then, the different cell phone brands releases new cell phone kinds and it will be a complete waste of money if you keep on buying brand new phones. If you want to save money and do the best for yourself and be practical but you still want a new phone, you could buy used phones from other people or companies such as sell my phone Canada because they are the company where you could buy good quality phones from.

To give you a complete guide in finding the best used phone for you to buy, we recommend you to complete reading this article:

1. Find the right person or company

If you would like to buy a used phone from a person or from a company, you should find the best one out there. If you are going to buy from a store or from a company, you should make sure that the store or company is trusted and that many people have actually tried buying from them and have received good quality phones and services from the company of your choice. But, if you would like to buy it from a person, make sure that you trust that person and you know that he or she has taken good care of the phone you are planning to buy.

2. Decide what you want

Make up your mind and decide what unit you would want to get so that you could begin the search. You have to know what you want since this is the first step in finding the phone that you want because from this, you could now ask around and search the internet for any used phones of the unit that you would want to get for yourself. Make sure that you have at least two or three options in mind, in case, the other units would not be available.

3. Set a budget

In order for you to set a budget for the used phone you are planning to buy, make sure that you know the price of the unit in the market as brand new so that you will have a comparison and so that you would not be scammed by bad people in the internet.

You should be smart in spending your money and you should also be smart about the cell phone that you are going to buy.

Sustainable Benefits of Concrete in Constructions

Concrete is one of the most used materials for construction. We consume up to 31 billion tons of concrete in each year, and it is considered to be the second most consumed substance after water. Compared to other materials, concrete is considered to be one of the sustainable materials used in construction. And this is the very reason why companies and concrete contractors Burnaby take pride in providing concrete projects in different residential and commercial projects.

What makes it is sustainable? The following are the qualities of concrete that qualify it as sustainable:

  • It provides several benefits and uses to the society
  • There is an improvement in the production and environmental properties of its products
  • It is very durable and has a longer life expectancy
  • It has effective-cost savings

The concrete industry and sectors are consistently challenged to meet these demands when it comes to producing and using concrete materials. It is also the very reason why concrete recycling and reusing are encouraged so as to avoid producing more concrete every year.

Another way to identify its sustainable quality is to observe its life cycle from extracting, processing, transportation, maintenance, and disposal. Many industries use design strategies to reduce hazards to the environment as well as to minimize by-products of its production.

There are many ways of how cement is used. It can be used for roofing, driveway, wall, and even in different residential and commercial landscaping projects, and the possibility of how to use this material is limitless. It is often used not just because it is durable but also because it is less susceptible to different elements like fire and water. In fact, it even has the ability to stop the fire from spreading.

Energy Consumption

When it comes to energy consumption in producing and processing cement for those purposes mentioned above, it has declined for the past 50 years and this is rooted in the development of plants and technology. Furthermore, the cement industry has promised to use alternative fuel to lower the carbon emissions and reserve the fuel resource. this has created an enormous drop in fossil usage. In 2006, the volume of waste used as an alternative fuel was about 7 million tons.


In producing cement, it also creates aggregates such as sands, crushed rock, and grave. The aggregate industry has also taken measures to recycle older materials from old constructions. Recycling aggregates by taking up broken materials form demolitions are able to lessen the waste that can be thrown into the landfill and help us save natural resources.

Overall, the use of cement and concrete, when we try to trace its life cycle is more environmentally friendly compared to other materials for the reasons that first, concrete is more durable and therefore provides the chance to be reused and recycled, and second, the cement industry has been improving their ways on producing and processing cement in their industry.

How Can You Contribute

There are many ways on how to contribute to the sustainability when using concrete and cement. Aside from maintaining your driveway, wall, or anything that uses concrete to prolong its life, you can also reuse and recycle old concrete for gravel, rocks, etc. from demolitions and older constructions.